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The Menu

Pho Noodle Soup

Pho Large

Small 9.95 / Large 10.95

1. Choose a Broth

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Vegetarian

3. Choose Your Noodles

  • Banh Pho (Original Pho Noodle)
  • Banh Pho Tuoi (Fresh Rice Noodles) +1
  • Mi (Egg Noodles) +1
  • Bun (Rice Vermicelli Noodles)

Extras / Side

  • Side of Rice: 1.95
  • Side of Broth: 1.95 / 3.95 (L)
  • Side of Noodles: 1.95
  • Side of Steamed Vegetables: 2.95
  • Side of Fried Rice: 4.95
Pho Beef

2. Choice of Proteins (choose up to 3)

  • Dac Biet (Combination) +1
  • Ga (Chicken)
  • Tai ( Rare Filet Mignon)
  • Chin (Well Done Steak)
  • Nam (Flank)
  • Gau (Brisket)
  • Sach (Tripe)
  • Gan (Tendon)
  • Bo Vien (Meatballs)
  • Tom (Shrimp)
  • Muc (Calamari)
  • Cua Gia (Imitation Crab)
  • Ca Vien (Fish Balls)
  • Dau Hu Chien (Fried Tofu)
  • Dau Hu Song (Steamed Tofu)


A1 Egg Roll Spring Roll Combo


Combination plate of 2 egg rolls and 2 spring rolls.

A2 Eggrolls (6)


Seasoned ground pork, carrots, jicama and taro wrapped and fried in an egg roll shell.

A3 Springrolls (2)


Steamed pork, shrimp, rice vermicelli, lettuce, beansprouts, shredded mint and shredded perilla wrapped in soft rice paper.

A4 NeM huong springrolls


Grilled seasoned pork patty, rice vermicelli, lettuce, beansprouts, shredded mint, shredded perilla and a fried wonton wrapped wrapped in soft rice paper.

A5 BBQ Spring rolls (6)


BBQ pork, chicken, or beef, rice vermicelli, lettuce, beansprouts, shredded mint, shredded perilla and a fried wonton wrapped wrapped in soft rice paper. 

lime Cured Fillet

A6 Lime Cured Filet (2)


Lime cured fillet mignon to order. Served on a bed of green leaf lettuce with shrimp rice crackers and topped with peanuts.

banh xeo Vietnamese Crepe

A7 Banh XEO Vietnamese Crepe


Pan-fried rice flour crepe filled with shrimp, chicken, green onions and bean sprouts. Served with a side of lettuce. (Eaten lettuce wrap style)

Fried Calamari

A8 Fried Calamari


Beer battered deep fried calamari topped with onions and jalapenos served with a sweet chili sauce.

Fried Shrimp

A9 Fried Shrimp


Beer battered, deep fried shrimp topped with onions and jalapenos served with a sweet chili sauce.

Chicken Wings

A10 Pho-ever Chicken Wings


Almost too good to be true. We believe we have perfected the lemon pepper wing. It’s up to you to be the judge.

From The Grill

1. Type of Dish


  • Com – Rice Plate (Sub, Fried Rice +2)
  • Bun – Rice Vermicelli Bowl
  • Salad Bowl
Grilled Shrimp, pork

2. Choice of Proteins

Choose 2, Add Additional for 2.95

  • Thit Nuong – BBQ Pork
  • Bo Nuong – BBQ Beef
  • Ga Nuong – BBQ Chicken
  • Tom Nuong – BBQ Shrimp
  • Cha Ca – Fried Fish
  • Cha Gio – 2 Eggrolls
  • Dau Hu Chien Dac Biet – Seasoned Tofu

Stir Fry


Vietnamese Stir-Fry


Brocolli, Bok choy, carrots, celery, cabbage and bean sprouts stir fried with our special gravy and your choice of protein along with a side of rice or served on top bed of Pan Fried Rice Noodles OR Crispy Chow Mein.


Stir Fry

1. Choose Dish Type

  • Com – Rice
  • Mi Xao Mem – Lo Mein
  • Mi Xao Gion – Crispy Chow Mein +1
  • Hu Tieu Xao Mem – Soft Rice Noodles +1
  • Pho Ap Chao – Pan Fried Rice Noodles +1

2. Choice of Proteins

  • Combination +2
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Shrimp +1
  • Seafood +1
  • Tofu

Pho-ever Fried Rice


Rice stir-fried with eggs and mixed veggies and our Pho-ever seasoning

  • Combination +2
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Shrimp +1
  • Seafood +1
  • Tofu


S1 Bo Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew)


Beef stew served with carrots, onions, and a side of french bread, rice or noodles.

S5 Vietnamese Chicken Curry


Chicken seasoned with curry and stewed with carrots, potatoes, and onions, in a coconut-based curry soup. Served with your choice of rice, bread, or vermicelli noodles.

S6 Wonton Noodle Soup


Shrimp and Pork wontons served with imitation crab, shrimp and egg noodles.

Banh Mi

S7 Banh Mi (Sandwich)


French Baguette loaded with cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, your choice of Tofu, BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken, or BBQ Beef and a side of Jalapenos.

Bun Bo Hue

S9 Bun Bo Hue


Spicy Beef Noodle Soup – Bun Bo Hue originated in the old imperial capital of Center Vietnam (Hue). The soup broth consists of beef, lemon grass and shrimp base. Served with a thick rice vermicelli noodle, thinly sliced beef, pork balls and tendon

cajun Spicy Shrimp

S12 Cajun Spicy Shrimp


Shrimp, Corn, and Smoked Sausage boiled (Cajun Style) in our spices and served with a side of Bread or Rice.

S14 Sizzling Fish (Cha Ca Thang Long)


Deep Fried Seasoned Catfish, Stir Fried with Onions, and topped with dill and peanuts. Served with a side of lettuce, mint, perilla and vermicelli noodles.

S38 Bo Luc Lac (Shaking Beef)


Filet Mignon cubes stir-fried with onions and mushrooms. Served with a side of rice and salad (fried fish sub available)

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